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Upgrade librsvg to 2.14 for better SVG support
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Author: broberg

The librsvg version used on Wikimedia's servers seems to be pretty outdated.
According to the
version used is
pre-Cairo. The first stable librsvg version using Cairo backend was released
2005-09-15 and it works just fine.

The outdated version holds back some SVGs that could replace current PNGs.
Problems include lacking support for dashed lines, lack of support for viewboxes
and some various rendering anomalities. Here are some examples: vs. vs.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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2.3.93 seems to misposition the text on [[Image:Mitochondrie.svg]].
Have to do some more testing...

On the plus side, it seems to be marking a white background color so the
transparent rendered images look ok in IE 6.0.

Filed upstream as:

Seems to be regression in 2.3.93; 2.3.92 is ok, and reverting a patch there looks ok.

Installed 2.14.0 and forcing all thumbs to regenerate (for this and various other fixed
image bugs). Referenced images look good.

fcartegnie wrote:

Sorry, this still doesn't work for Gradients.

Needs more rsvg lib fixes :(


Martin.vGagern wrote:

I just compiled librsvg-2.14.0 locally. The fencing image gets rendered
correctly here. So I'd assume the error is not in librsvg this time but rather
in some underlying lib, maybe cairo or something.

Some information on the libs I have installed here:
glib-2.8.6: libg{lib,module,object,thread}
pango-1.10.3: libpango{,ft2}
xorg-6.8.2: lib{,,}

There's nothing to upgrade, resolving FIXED. Also please remember that EXISTING

Ok, action=purge can now be used on an image page to force images to rerender.
(Be careful about caching; make sure it reloads the new image!)

phrood wrote:

The current version seems to ignore line widths. For instance, should look like .

broberg wrote:

Regarding #8, I've just submitted a bug about this in librsvg's bug tracker:
Before that and other bugs are fixed, there is no upgrade to make, and therefore
this bug should remain "FIXED".

Furthermore there is still a problem with one of the referenced pictures in the
first post: vs.
(the arrows are too small, I have mailed the librsvg list about this)

I still think this version is much better than the previous one, so thank you
Brion for the upgrade!

Do *NOT* reopen this bug ever again. This bug was for a specific
upgrade, which has been performed.

If there are other problems, open a new bug about them.

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