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Database error: Uncommited DB writes (with SQLite backend)
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Author: pintman_gmx_de

Version of the extension is 1.17.0

When running the extension with the sqlite database backend I end up geting the following error.

Notice: Uncommitted DB writes (transaction from DatabaseBase::query 
(DatabaseBase::query)). in /home/m***o/public_html/mediawiki/includes
/db/Database.php on line 3944

Modifying normal articles is possible.

Version: master
Severity: blocker
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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  • Which MediaWiki version is this about?
  • Why do you think that ContributionScores creates the "notice" (not: error) above, as there is no mention in the output?
  • Why is this a "blocker" priority?

pintman_gmx_de wrote:

  • MediWiki Version 1.22.3
  • It only happens, when the Extension is activated via require_once("$IP/extensions/ContributionScores/ContributionScores.php");

Further the message only occurs when loading the Special Page Constribution Scores.

  • Thought it is a blocker since I cannot use the Extension in this case - although it is not blocking MediaWiki. Didn't know what could be the right priority since I'm only a user, not an extension developer. :)

since I cannot use the Extension in this case

Can you explain why and how you cannot use it?
Asking as it's not an "error" technically, but a "warning" only.

pintman_gmx_de wrote:

The extension will create a list of scores for each user. This list is shown on a SpecialPage. When I try to open this SpecialPage the error occurs and the list is not shown but only the error message.

If it is a 'blocker' depends on the point of view.

From the point of view of MediaWiki itself it is no blocker - the wiki is still working.
From the point of view of the extension it is a blocker, since the extension cannot be used.

I hope this cleared the status of this bug.

Kizule added a subscriber: Kizule.

If the problem still occurs with a newer and supported version of MediaWiki, please set the status of this Phabricator task back to "Open" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown, provide exact version information, and follow . Thanks!

@Kizule: I don't see what makes this invalid. It would be nicer to ask if this still happens in a supported MediaWiki and a supported extension version. :)

No further comment if this still happens, so (finally) declining this. (See Kizule's comment above if the problem in this task still happens.)