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Proper date localization in Special:Notifications page
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Date is not well localized in Special:Notifications page for Galician interface (I suppose this happens in other languages too). This applies to each header containing the date that the notification happened.

For example: "11 JULY" should be "11 DE XULLO" instead of "11 XULLO". Other parts of MediaWiki are configured to show that particle "de" between the number and the month name, although the code line is "<number> (july)" when checking with "?uselang=qqx" option. I guess this is related with CDLR or something similar.

Is it possible to fix this?

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Needs investigation to determine if this is a problem in Echo or in the Languages implementation. In general Echo is already using user localized dates and times, so it seems like the wrong value is probably coming out of that.

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I understand that here it's intended to omit the year from date. It seems that Echo fails to extract day and month format from custom date formats properly if the year is omitted. E.g. for Estonian localization (et) there should be dot after day number, while Echo shows it without dot just like in English by only translating the month name. However there is one custom (non-default) date format where month is a roman number (29. IV 2015) and which forces Echo to show the year as well and for that format it shows the dot too. Maybe a simple solution would be to never omit the year? It's odd anyways that the year is omitted while notifications from different years are listed.

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