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Links on notification-page-linked, -bundle, -flyout etc.
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Liangent asks: «Why are some pages wikilinked while some are not?». Please make them consistent and document any difference in the corresponding qqq message.

$ grep notification-page i18n/en.json

"notification-page-linked": "[[:$2]] was {{GENDER:$1|linked}} from [[:$3]]. [[Special:WhatLinksHere/$2|See all links to this page]].",
"notification-page-linked-flyout": "$2 was {{GENDER:$1|linked}} from [[:$3]].",
"notification-page-linked-email-subject": "Your page was linked on {{SITENAME}}",
"notification-page-linked-email-batch-body": "$2 was {{GENDER:$1|linked}} from $3.",
"notification-page-linked-bundle": "$2 was {{GENDER:$1|linked}} from $3 and $4 other {{PLURAL:$5|page|pages}}. [[Special:WhatLinksHere/$2|See all links to this page]]",
"notification-page-linked-email-batch-bundle-body": "$2 was {{GENDER:$1|linked}} from $3 and $4 other {{PLURAL:$5|page|pages}}.",




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I'm working on this, slowly, via

The first step was getting all the existing messages visible in one place (done)

The next step is figuring out the discrepancies, and then trying to track down if there was a rationale for any/each of them. (IIRC, In a few cases it was due to community request). I aim to do this tomorrow, or next week.

The final step will be deciding and then documenting the desired final outcome (bikeshedding!), and the changes needed to match that. Suggestions/Comments welcome, here or on the mw.o talkpage.

@Quiddity: are you still working on this/should this still be assigned to you?

@Legoktm Hypothetically, it's still on my to-do list. But that list is long, and full of <s>terrors</s> higher priorities. :-/

I could update the list of existing messages in ~1hour, but the 2nd and 3rd step will take many many hours of research...
If you can think of better ways to do it, or want to help with a specific part, please jump on in or suggest freely.

At the moment, the only odd-out is:

"notification-page-linked": "[[:$2]] was {{GENDER:$1|linked}} from [[:$3]]. [[Special:WhatLinksHere/$2|See all links to this page]].",

(ie. title-message)

At the moment, the only odd-out is:

"notification-page-linked": "[[:$2]] was {{GENDER:$1|linked}} from [[:$3]]. [[Special:WhatLinksHere/$2|See all links to this page]].",

(ie. title-message)

I believe that message is unused now; it might still be used in notification emails currently, but if that's the case it'll stop being used when T121067: Write email formatter that uses presentation models is done.

Checked email messages sent for different types of notifications - wikilinks are not present in checked notification types.