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datetimepicker modifies wrong form field when used with 'multiple' templates
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I'm trying to set up a multiple-subobject subtemplate with a
datepicker field. It works fine with input type 'datepicker', but when
I use 'datetimepicker', attempts to set the second subobject's date
affect the first subobject/form entry instead. (That is: the first date
can be set just fine, but when adding an instance, trying to set the
second instance's date doesn't fill in the second instance's field, it
instead revises the first instance's field.)


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I believe this has been fixed sometime in the last four years.

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I have exactly the same problem as described. I have a multiple form and use the datetimepicker.
If I modify only one instance everything is fine. If I have at least two instances open the error occurs. And it only occurs with new instances.

  • Behaviour while trying to edit the date: for description we have to split up the problem in Date and Time because they behave in a different wax:
    • Modifying the date will always modify the instance directly above the one I want to modify (this one is left unmodified).
    • Modifying the time will always modify the instance I want to modify and the instance directly above
  • What happens when saved the first time: Only the data of the first instance is stored at all. All data from the second, third,... instance is lost and the default value is stored.
  • Behaviour when saved and reopened: If the form is saved and opened again I can manipulate every date and time as wanted.

MediaWiki 1.31.1
Semantic MediaWiki: 3.0.1
Page Forms 4.4.2

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I'm guessing that this works now (again), now that datetimepicker uses an entirely different JS library.