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Anomaly between and
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Author: gangleri


I noticed a small anomaly in reaching Wikimedia Foundation sister projects from
"outside". This is the original request from
Bug 4285: provide accessibility of Wikipedia's sister projects trough wikipedia:
interwiki prefix

The interwiki prefix 'wikinews' works as all other "family prefixes"
(see )

However generates a *bad title*

but *not*

*eaven* works fine.

At the top of are some navigation

both the striked links m:n: and c:n: fail
and generate 'Bad title'

They are coded as
'meta:wikinews:user:Gangleri' and 'commons:wikinews:user:Gangleri'

*but* such links work for 'wikibooks', 'wikiquote', 'wikisource' and 'wiktionary'.

Now the issue is identified. It should be easy to fix. Thanks in advance!

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

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Severity: trivial



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This is actually normal behaviour.

In the InterWiki table, an InterWiki binding can be marked as "internal" (which means your links above will work) or as "external" (they don't work). If you look at Wikipedia's InterWiki table (dunno where it is, but it's somewhere), you'll probably see wikinews: marked as external.

I agree that it shouldn't be, but it's not a problem in the code per se. To get this fixed, contact an admin on Wikipedia, they should be able to edit the InterWiki table and mark wikinews: as internal.