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[ContentTranslation] Attribution customization
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In ukwiki we use [[:uk:Template:Перекладена стаття]] on talk pages of translated articles for attribution. The parameters are lang of another WP, article name in there and oldid of version translated. It would be nice if it'd be possible to set such style of attribution in the tool (some interface message giving these parameters to write Tl's syntax in it).

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It's indeed an enhancement because it's not in the current plan.

On one hand, going with each community's practices would be a good enhancement, but on the other hand, what is this template actually used for?

If it's for giving credit, then there may be more robust and multilingual ways to do it, for example by adding structured attribution metadata to pages. There were some (very very early) discussions about this recently.

If it's for listing all the translated pages, then this will be available in the Translation Center feature, that is planned to be developed in the near future.

@Amire80, this is mainly for giving attribution. As I said in T106243, the vast majority of the templates have the same basic parameters, so perhaps implementing this only for wikis with the same template structure as en.wp (1=source lang code, 2=source page) might be a good first step.