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<p> disappears from expansion of template {{cita|...}} in eswiki
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Found by examining HTML for {{cita|...}} on [[es:Amor]]. It could potentially be cite rendering diffs that is currently known to not be identical to PHP parser output.

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ssastry created this task.Jul 18 2014, 11:30 PM

Marc: can you test and verify if cite changes fix this or if this is something else?

[[es:Plantilla:Cita]] does not use the Cite extension, it's the Spanish equivalent of [[en:Template:Quote]]. I've looked at the visual differences between PHP and Parsoid, and they seem to come from an extra <p> that gets inserted between <blockquote> and <i> in the PHP version, and which isn't there in the Parsoid version. This <p> gets a 0.5em vertical margin, moving the whole page down and creating big visual differences.

@marcoil Is this still an issue? Thanks.

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@ssastry Are you still working on this one?

Adding @Aklapper for triaging, etc.