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[OPS] Jenkins: Package for mobile jobs (androidsdk, libdclass) missing in Trusty
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Trying to provision a Trusty machine with puppet with the roles for integration slaves fails right due. Among the errors are:

E: Unable to locate package libgcc1
E: Unable to locate package zlib1g
E: Unable to locate package libdclass-jni

Relevant manifests:

package { [

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal



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The packages were needed to use the Android SDK and provide nightly build of the mobile apps. I am pretty sure the nightly job are totally broken and no more producing any Android package. If that is the case, we can clean up the puppet manifest and remove the packages from the Slave + delete the obsolete Jenkins jobs.

I have filled a bug for analytics team to have their packages pushed to Trusty: Bug 68997 - Package libcidr + libanon + libdclass for Ubuntu Trusty

Not that much of a priority. The jobs are barely used and that depends on ops/analytics team to ship the packages.

hashar claimed this task.

I am declining it. There is no more any jobs running AndroidSDK and the analytics libs jobs have to be refactored anyway (T97514).