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/* section title */ in edit summary shouldn't get language converted
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Currently if a section title is written in zh-hant in wikitext and a user is viewing the page with zh-hans set in user preferences, the section title is displayed in zh-hans in UI (this is expected). When the user edits this section, /* section title */ in edit summary appears in zh-hans after the edit unexpectedly (it seems the app takes data from UI directly), causing a broken anchor link in edit summary because the correct one needs to be constructed using text in zh-hant.

Version: Alpha
Severity: normal



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@liangent Would you mind adding some more detailed repro steps for this (with a specific title and section for testing)? Unfortunately, none of us on the WMF Android team read any variant of Chinese.

@Dbrant I'm thinking this is a candidate for the bug backlog, normal prio.

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No longer reproducible on zhwiki. Test procedure:

  1. Add == 體 == to WP:SB.
  2. Save.
  3. In a simplified variant, you should be seeing a title.
  4. Edit.
  5. Check the summary box. /* 体 */ = over-conversion; /* 體 */ = correct result.

Oops, Android. Need someone else to repro now.

Here's the testing steps for QA purposes:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to on zh-hant wiki.
  2. Change the language to zh-hans
  3. Edit the last section 正體 中文 國家 and submit.
  4. Go to to see if the edit summary contains the correct link to正體_中文_國家, which will jump to the section if it is correct.
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