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Don't hide link Special:Uploads for non-autoconfirmed users
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With a patch of Bug #62598 ( we hide the link to page Special:Uploads for users, who aren't autoconfirmed, form MobileMenu.

I think this isn't the best design for this. The user can still upload images on desktop and maybe want to use them when editing with mobile. We prevent him the simple access, because he is not an autoconfirmed user (and in future maybe other rules, too) to a page, which can only show him his uploads. I think we should show him the link (The page is still accessable directly); the upload button is hidden, when the user haven't the permission to upload (not autoconfirmed) after this change:

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bingle-admin wrote:

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We thought about doing it that way (showing Uploads and simply hiding the upload button). The problem is that the vast majority of non-autoconfirmed users aren't going to have any uploads, so there won't be anything at all on that page and it will look kind of confusing/broken :) So hiding the menu item altogether seemed like a better way to go.

the vast majority of non-autoconfirmed users aren't going to have any uploads

Ah, ok, yeah, if this is so, then that makes sense :D