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HHVM Failed Assertion: assertion `false && "Unsupported DataType"' failed.
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Full stacktrace of crash

Using hhvm 3.1+20140723-1+wmf1 on Vagrant. I can get intermittent crashes by reloading /wiki/Special:Version.

Failed Assertion: /root/hhvm/joe/hhvm/hphp/runtime/vm/jit/type.cpp:242: static HPHP::JIT::Type::bits_t HPHP::JIT::Type::bitsFromDataType(HPHP::DataType, HPHP::DataType): assertion `false && "Unsupported DataType"' failed.

Full stacktrace log attached

$ dpkg -l|grep ^ii|awk '{printf "%-20s %s\n", $2, $3}'|grep hhvm
hhvm 3.1+20140723-1+wmf1
hhvm-dev 3.1+20140723-1+wmf1
hhvm-fss 1.1-2
hhvm-luasandbox 2.0-2
hhvm-wikidiff2 1.3-2

/vagrant/mediawiki at dc1ca51969959c0989123d152ce260ee5e7cf2cf

/vagrant at a662ea513870426e57f14c754201b469c40b010b

centralauth and scribunto roles enabled

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal




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bsimmers wrote:

Someone else on my team figured this out earlier today. The fix is up for review and should go out tomorrow.

bsimmers wrote:

*** Bug 68621 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***