VisualEditor: Reconsider the "Insert" menu because it doesn't always insert
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Use case:

  1. On a page with a heading and some text. Put cursor at start of the paragraph after the heading.
  2. Insert a template (ends up selecting it after finishing insertion)
  3. "Insert" another template.


A dialog should appear with the ability to decide which template to insert etc.


A dialog appears to edit the selected transclusion that is already on the page.

After being genuinely confused for a minute I realised that the confusion came from the menu label being "Insert". A while back, the "Template" button was separate on the toolbar (or under "More" or "Tools" whatever it was). Back then, like still the case with Links and Text Style, it was more natural to assume it will edit and not create a template when a template is selected already because the button would be rendered in an "active" (pressed-down) state (like for links and text style). However, the menu was then relabelled to "Insert" and the items in the "Insert" menu do not have an "active" state to help correlate with the currently selected item on the page.

Perhaps we should bring back the "active" state for the Insert menu items, for consistency with other buttons on the toolbar.

Or make it actually insert a new one at/before the current cursor position, which would mean that to edit a transclusion users then need to use the context menu instead.


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