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Description - currently 404 - currently cert error

for good measure redirect them to the docs at

because people do try to open this in a browser

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This seems like a pretty straightforward way to make this service more useful. Pinging @Spage since he's currently working on docs related to RCStream and could identify the ideal URL to redirect to.

Dzahn added a comment.Jul 9 2015, 11:02 PM

or, nowadays, redirect to

or, nicer, have an index page that explains what it is and links to both of these places

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scratch that last comment i guess


16:32 < Krinkle> mutante: is not a replacement of anything, it's a third-party consumer of our stream.
16:32 < Krinkle> it listens to in fact
16:33 < mutante> Krinkle: oh? i thought it uses
16:34 < Krinkle> It may eventually migrate to that. But wikistream (the labs tool) uses a library that uses a library that uses
16:34 < Krinkle> Either way, RCStream is replacement of IRC, not Wikistream.

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It'd be neat if the index page for could pull from a protected wiki page on Meta-Wiki (similar to what we do with the www portals).

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doesn't look like apache is involved in this - see modules/rcstream/templates/rcstream.nginx.erb in the puppet repo

(of course now I see it was me who added that project in the first place, oops...)

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See also pending patch, from trying to fix the /=>404 issue for HTTPS reasons in T132521 (the basic HTTPS issues themselves are already fixed btw). All it does is rewrite / internally to give the json service status output, as a "better than nothing" fix.

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This has been working for some time, at least for the HTTPS issue at the root as tasked here! The other part about docs probably isn't relevant anymore, as the service is being replaced.

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While the certificate issue has been resolved, and RCStream (at is indeed being deprecated and replaced. itself is not going to be replaced, RCStream's replacement (EventStreams) is already live and served from the same domain.

The / entry-point over HTTP for GET should still redirect to documentation, e.g. to