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Stop requiring core patches for MediaWikiAuth to function
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Maybe this needs a hook in core or something, but hacking core is terrible and we need to stop doing it.

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Dumping some notes here per @Isarra's request:

  • MW 1.25 patch on ShoutWiki's private SVN
    • four chunks, the last (fifth) one is unrelated to MediaWikiAuth
    • could probably get rid of the first and last chunk (the new checkImportableUser function and its only caller) with a new hook
    • no idea what to do with the 2nd and 3rd chunk...
    • in the meanwhile, could and should create an open-source version of the patch for MW 1.25 (without the unrelated, ShoutWiki-specific fifth chunk) and push it to the git repo so that MWA remains usable on wikis running MW 1.25

One guess: Would it be possible to change those "requirements" to extension.json aka T98668 things?

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No longer requires core patches as of v0.9.0 (will be submitted to gerrit in the near future)