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Use the Wikimedia logo
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Description shows the "Wikimedia code review" logo ( in the top bar.
Phabricator should do the same.

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Aklapper added a subscriber: Aklapper. doesn't have a Wikimedia logo either, so we are not losing anything at this point.

Let's see what comes first, the fix upstream that allows us to add the Wikimedia logo or our Gerrit migration. :)

Regarding view-source:

I think you can do a search and replace of the phab eye with the wikimedia flower

Can someone attach the current phabricator eye / logo lockup to this task so the specifications for a replacement asset can be known? thanks

About M6, wouldnt "Wikimedia Phabricator" be more appropriate than "Wikimedia Foundation".

Similar to

Also, assuming that we might not a have a plain white background for a while (T69#16022), it might make sense to propose a monochrome solution that works with the dark-ish background we have available now.

I can talk to Communications about this, but I don't think that a text lockup like that would go over with them, I don't think they'll have too much of a problem with the logo on black but I can confirm

@Heather please see @Qgil's last comment, is this something that we could get from you? a logo lockup with the WMF logo, the Wikimedia logotype and "Phabricator" appealing to the right or below the wikimedia logotype, ideally white, so that it can appear on a black background?

Heather added a comment.EditedOct 28 2014, 6:21 PM

All white on black is fine. Edit: weird, I didn't see your second comment.

I'm not sure about somehow incorporating Phabricator.

Trademarks together tend to need to be equal and clearly separate.

@Heather thats kind of what I assumed, based on the original phabricator logo attached to can you upload a white version of the logo and logotype lockup for this narrow placement?

Upstream is working on a first step that would allow us to substitute the eye icon for a 40x40px Wikimedia logo. See

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Setting stalled status as we are waiting for upstream.

Isn't this really a dupe of T69?

I don't know if this needs space inside the file, but here's something to try.

Isn't this really a dupe of T69?

I have been thinking about merging them for a while now, since all the Wikimedia logo discussion is happening there anyway. So yes, let's merge. I'll carry @Heather's logo there (thank you!).

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