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Use GPS location to deliver locally relevant messages about copyright (for people uploading pictures)
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User:NotASpy made a suggestion about two-thirds of the way through this discussion:

If a person is using a GPS-enabled mobile device to take an upload a picture, then we could use the GPS data to provide customized messages to them. For example, the mesage for a user in Russia would be different from the message delivered to useres in Mexico.

This would allow users to get relevant copyright information, e.g., that freedom of panorama is extremely limited in Russia, but very broad in Mexico.

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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

That sounds like a great idea, but quite ambitious. Keeping the software up to date with what to show where would be quite a challenge. So far, it seems the bigger problem is just getting mobile uploaders to care about copyright at all (as many of them are just uploading images from the web).

I think another point is, to explain users why the browser ask for their location for an upload :/

It's about coordinates from EXIF.

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MobileFrontend's special upload features have been disabled and GeoIP is available for all features in Wikimedia projects, so this is not a MobileFrontend issue but rather a proposal for Special:Upload and Special:UploadWizard (and others?) on Wikimedia.

MediaWiki core recently started embedding some uploading interface facilities, which are hopefully meant to be integrated by other extensions and gadgets in the future, so this is now in MediaWiki territory.

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