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Accesskey "alt-shift-i" in Chrome on Linux conflicts with native
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Have a look at resources/src/jquery/jquery.accessKeyLabel.js:

} else if ( === 'chrome' ) {
	accessKeyPrefix = (
		profile.platform === 'mac'
			// Chrome on Mac
			? 'ctrl-option-'
			// Chrome on Windows or Linux
			// (both alt- and alt-shift work, but alt with E, D, F etc does not
			// work since they are browser shortcuts)
			: 'alt-shift-'

As you can see, the code sets the accesskey label to "alt-shift-accesskey" on Chrome because of conflicts with some keys when using alt-accesskey. The problem is: alt-shift-accesskey causes conflicts, too. On the Edit page, you have "This is a minor edit" checkbox with accesskey "i". And here's the problem - in Chrome, alt-shift-i is a shortcut for reporting an issue...

MediaWiki 1.24-git (227204c)
Chrome 38 (dev) on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, same issue on Chrome 36 (stable) on Windows 7 64-bit

I'm posting a screenshot of Chrome menu showing the "Report an issue" menuitem with its shortcut.

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: minor



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Chrome menu showing Report an issue item


Thanks for taking the time to report this and the investigation!
This might fix one small part of bug 67824.

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