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Hardcoded path to Popups settings icon
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The settings icon introduced in I374805e is hardcoded to reside at '/w/extensions/Popups/resources/gear_gray.svg' which can’t be right, it needs to be configuration-dependent. For instance, the code does not even work on the WMF cluster, where it leads to 404, check on the testwiki:

Moreover, I don’t think using SVG files directly like this is acceptable, as older browsers do not support SVG. Cf.

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A fix for both the path and SVG fallback is to put class mwe-popups-settings-icon on a span, and then use the background-image-svg( 'resources/gear_gray.svg', 'resources/gear_gray.png' ) LESS mixin.

Add a comment somewhere saying where the icon came from, and a @TODO use WikiFont glyph.

With I3cf15bc4f9c9f1273b896d0e256f5821f15222fb it now correctly uses wgExtensionAssetsPath

Change 155067 had a related patch set uploaded by Prtksxna:
article: Fix settings icon

Change 155067 merged by jenkins-bot:
article: Fix settings icon