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Changing label text of "Edit page" tab when blocked
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Author: marco

When a user (or IP) gets blocked, then the page shows at top still the button
"Edit page". When he clicks on the button, there is a message telling he's
blocked. Would it be possible to change the field name and behaviour to "View
source", so that a blocked user can still see the source?

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leon wrote:

Why? The user is still able to read articles, so I think it's not necessary to
show him that he's blocked when he doesn't try do edit.

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 4990 ***

Due to caching requirements we can't do this.

Re-opening this for further consideration.

A few points:

  • a half-decade has passed, so the caching situation may be different now;
  • we might be able to do this only for logged-in users (but keep the current behavior for IP blocks and IP range blocks); and
  • on smaller sites, the performance issues shouldn't be nearly as bad, so this may be something we can stick behind $wgMiserMode, to at least allow most wikis to behave sanely here.

Or we could investigate doing this in client-side JavaScript.

Offering an "edit this page" tab and section edit links when we know the user is blocked is kind of insanely bad user interface/user experience.

Caching requirements still prevented this as of 2011 per the comments on T30354 (for anons at least).

Also... add ?action=viewsource so that editors can view the source code, whether or not if they have permission to edit. When the user clicks "edit", instead of saying "View source for "$1"" it should say Permission error: You have been blocked from editing or whatever MediaWiki:BlockedText says

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This seems like it would make sense, it's a bad user experience for blocked users to be taunted for years with a "you can edit this page" message at literally every section of an article.

I've just learned that a similar feature has existed since 2013 in the mobile editor, as a result of T56795. If you're blocked, there is a different icon indicating that:

image.png (777×500 px, 157 KB)

They also ran into caching problems when implementing it, so it is only available to logged-in users: