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Images: Unnecessary url encoding applied to "link" image option
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Log in to a wiki, visit a Flow board and create a post containing the wikitext


when you edit the wiki text, note it has become


It only happens if the file name has an accented character. This sounds like an edge case of bug 49844, which was fixed. If I run the wikitext on line 2 through the round-trip parser , the link parameter doesn't appear. It's in the HTML generated by , as a data-parsoid parameter:

<figure ... data-parsoid='{"optList":[{... ,{"ck":"link","ak":"link=File:%C5%9Eirince_(doyler79).jpg"}], ...] }

I don't think that percent encoding is needed, the link should only be URL-encoded when put in a URL. For what it's worth the wikitext from Parsoid doesn't work if you copy it to a regular page, "link=File:%C5%9Eirince_(doyler79).jpg" appears as the caption.

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This was resolved quite a while ago.