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neutral mw-ui-quiet anchors should lighten on hover and have no outline
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When the Flow inline styles moved to core, we lost the hover behavior for neutral inline quiet anchors, i.e. woith no mw-ui-{progressive|constructive|destructive} colorizing class, just class="mw-ui-quiet". Without a hover behavior, a neutral quiet anchor seems dead.

Neutral quiet anchors used to lighten @colorLightenPercentage on hover, now the generated CSS has separate rules for mw.ui-quiet and mw-ui-quiet:hover but they end up with the same color #666666 (@colorTextLight).

Also, quiet anchors get a dotted outline on click because they don't have outline: none on focus and active.

This would be easier to notice if the generated KSS at had a sample showing <a class="mw-ui-quiet">Neutral (plain)</a>. The way the KSS is set up mw-ui-quiet is a modifier of a regular link.

Maybe we don't need to support .mw-ui-quiet on its own, and all quiet links must pick a color class. May Galloway has asked for some quiet links to be gray on hover, but currently Flow's Reply • Edit • Thank inline links are all colored..

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 22 2014, 3:41 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz69212.

mw-ui-quiet is currently presented as a modifier so we shouldn't be supported .mw-ui-quiet on its own.

that said mw-ui-progressive etc is presented as a modifier and as a component.
Maybe we should think about introducing mw-ui-anchor and making mw-ui-progressive/contstructive etc modifiers to avoid this confusion ?

shahyar+wmfbugzilla wrote:

Jon makes a valid argument for introducing mw-ui-anchor. It will make it more consistent with how we use other mw-ui components.

Please swap the order shahyar as per my comment so we can get this merged.

Change 155856 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
Change mw-ui anchors to require mw-ui-anchor base class

I'm hoping Matt can merge this patch now. It's been sitting here a while...

Change 155856 merged by jenkins-bot:
Change mw-ui anchors to require mw-ui-anchor base class, and introduce mw-ui-text base class