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Misleading tooltip for "Disable/Enable Media Viewer"
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When you hover over "Disable Media Viewer" in the footer of MV, a tooltip is shown: "Media Viewer will no longer be used to show images. To use it again, click on the "Expand view" button next to any image. Then click on "Enable Media Viewer"."
For "Enable Media Viewer": "Media Viewer will now be used to show images."

Either show these messages only after the user clicks the link to disable/enable MV, or rephrase them to make clear that they will only apply when the users clicks. Especially the "now" in the second tooltip is very misleading.

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gerritadmin wrote:

Change 153788 had a related patch set uploaded by Thiemo Mättig (WMDE):
Remove misleading "now" from message

Fixed. Thanks for the patch, Thiemo!

Well, partially fixed. I don't think this is worth spending a lot of time on as the final optout interface will likely look very different, somewhat along these lines:

gerritadmin wrote:

Change 153788 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove misleading "now" from message