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Special:PageMigration after saving offers "save" and "import" without explanation
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  1. Visit Special:PageMigration and enter the title of a translation page to migrate, click "import"

I. Observed: the "import" button is replaced by "save.

  1. Adjust what's needed
  2. Press "save".

II. Observed: the "import" button reappears. In my contributions I see the revision was saved:
III. Expected: some confirmation that my edits were saved.

I can think of two possible improvements:
a) after importing (saving) the units as specified, at the same time the "import" button is added, show a message like "the translation units have been saved; you can now enter the title of a new translation page to migrate it, or do some changes to the units below and save a new revision";
b) grey out the "save" button until some changes are made to the text areas below, to clarify the action was executed and the next step is "import" again.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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pr4tiklahoti wrote:

I think it is better to go with option a), since that is something which we are also doing at Special:PagePreparation.

gerritadmin wrote:

Change 153025 had a related patch set uploaded by BPositive:
Messages shown after "Import" and "Save" at Special:PageMigration