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[PageMigration] Text areas constant heights are not helpful
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Example of badly used vertical space

Niklas hated the scrollbars in the small text areas, while migrating a translation.

In my case, the problem is rather that so much vertical space is wasted and I have to scroll the page a lot in order to cut and paste text from one textarea to another. Some ideas for improvement that I throw for consideration:
a) adapt the height to the space required by the source text, keep it constant for the corresponding text area on the right side;
b) allow to move the division between right and left for all the textareas at once, not only one by one, so that I can gain more horizontal space if I want;
c) if it doesn't disrupt things too much (or when the changes above allow it), don't add scrollbars but always fit the height to what's actually needed to fit all the text.

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Nemo_bis created this task.Aug 8 2014, 6:49 PM

Content translation uses an algorithm to fit both columns to minimum height without scrolling.

pr4tiklahoti wrote:

(In reply to Niklas Laxström from comment #1)

Content translation uses an algorithm to fit both columns to minimum height
without scrolling.

Alright, we can adapt to the logic used over there. But I think its better to do these enhancements once GSoC is over. Because, apart from developing a logic similar to the one used at content translation, we would also have to make changes to the code related to adding and deletion of a new unit. Also, the h2 patch results into collapsing of some units into one. So, we also need to take this into consideration - imagine a large chunk of collapsed units in a textarea having height of just 3 rows because it got aligned with a section header. Quite a lot of issues to be considered there. But, I will only work on it and come up with something better. :-)