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Highlight that you can incrementally adjust the edit summary
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When editing in VisualEditor, you can click "save", add some text to the edit summary, click "resume editing", edit some more, and repeat. This kind of incremental summary is a fairly common request from editors who add to the summary field when they make each successive change in an edit.

So we actually have the capability they're requesting, but it's not well designed for this use case



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I believe that what SpinningSpark is actually requesting is to have the edit summary visible and editable on the main screen. Right now, you can fill out the edit summary incrementally, but you have to click on the Save button and then cancel saving each time.

Actually, I didn't realise you could do that which makes this much less of a problem that I thought it was. Still, it's a bit clunky. I can't, for instance, start writing the edit summary first (I have to edit something first to make the save button go live). There are many situations where one has "dirty" data on the clipboard carried from somewhere else and intended for the edit summary. Have to remember not to copy-paste anything else before dumping it in the edit summary field.

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