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Develop a search bar
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Author: physik

Currently MathSearch is done via the page Special:MathSearch
Inspired by

we could use the default search bar to include formulae encapsulated by $\TeX$ for example.

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After a very brief discussion with @Chad I took a look at the code of CirrusSearch to investigate if there is a point where one could create a hook for $tex$-input and similar structures.
I could not see an obvious solution. Maybe a plugin for elasticsearch would be more apropriate.

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I did some experiments with math support of the current cirrus search engine from a user perspective.
For example the following search expression could be used

insource:"E=mc^2</math>" AND Einstein AND NOT Bohr

to find articles about Einsteins Mass Energy Eqivalence relation, but exclude Bohr Einstein debates.
One could imagine to add the $$ feature in the same way as the insource feature was added.

demon added a comment.Jan 27 2015, 5:09 PM

insource is the right thing to do here. I'd really rather not introduce any further syntax oddities like $$.

Mathsearch supports not only string comparision. The tree structure of content of a formulae is anlysed and similarity scores are calculated. There was a whole Workshop on MathSearch were different math search engines were compared.
If it simplifies things also math: could be used rather than $ $.

For the reference the insource change was discussed here

I had a look at more detailed look at the code.
I think adding the mathsearch feature to the current code is infeasable at the moment. The regular expressions look very complicated.
I get the impression that the query string for MathSearch should be handled by a parser rather than a number of regexp expressions.
I'll develop that functionality for and keep the math specific search bar for now.
At a later point in time, we can consider if the functionality is desired by many users and if it's worth to rewrite this in regexp style.

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