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Description points to stat1001 is an alias for

and there is an Apache config

root@stat1001:/etc/apache2/sites-enabled# ls
00-dummy.conf 10-limn-reportcard.conf ...

but the document root does not exist

-bash: cd: /usr/local/share/limn/var: No such file or directory

which shows up as an error when graceful'ing Apache

since i heard it was decided that this is not going to be productionized per Otto:

  • redirect to ?
  • or just delete, but then also from DNS
  • clean up old config from stat1001 which does not seem to appear in puppet and replace with something puppetized

also, are these reportcards related or different reportcards?

templates/apache/sites/ <Directory "/srv/">
templates/apache/sites/ <Directory "/srv/">
templates/apache/sites/ <Directory "/srv/">

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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<-- would just like to get rid of that error page, people think something needs to be fixed there, when actually we won't afaict

The domain was removed in dd7c6e3b99cc6645d2dcabd9df65a78cd28112de. Is the old config on stat1001 still around? It can thus be deleted now.

The old configs are meanwhile gone from stat1001 (pretty sure @elukey cleaned it up during T76348)

Looks like this is all gone now. and the old URLs are historic data from 2012 at

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