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Some SVGs render incorrectly
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Author: gercokees

Those two images should look the same (was the same file) though, i see a small
difference, in the second file the dots on de dimensionline z.on en are
missing... Bug in the mediawiki software?
[ One]
[ Two] greetings,

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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Old rendering, and you didn't try purging it.

reopening... when I try either image with a new size, I get a broken rendering
(no dots at the end of thin links, no arrows at top and right end of dotted
lines). To me, the "old" rendering at the nl wp looks good... Firefox also
renders it OK for me.

So the bug isn't that they're different from each other, it's that the rendering
is incorrect? Can you provide details of the expected rendering?

A screenshot of the image as rendered by firefox:

Note the dots in the vertical lign at the left, and the arrows at the top and
right ends of the dotted lines.

Thanks brion!

On a unrelated note: maybe it would be nice to have a "upstream issue" status in
bugzilla, indicating MW-devs can't do anything about it, but the bug is not
closed and may require upgrading something at some point to be really fixed.

gercokees wrote:

Yes, thank you, 2

I think like this graph,
maybe got the same problem regarding this bug.

stephane.brunner wrote:

On this image I have as a problem with arrow they are really small, in Firefox
or in Inkscape the arrows will be really bigger !!!

Is it the same bug, is there a work around ?

I've fixed the image by converting the strokes (arrows) to paths (using
Inkscape). However, while this particular image is fixed, the bug is still relevant.

stephane.brunner wrote:

Thanks ;-)

ayg wrote:

Upstream issue. Go vote for the appropriate bugs on the GNOME bug-tracker.

Please leave upstream issues open.

  • Bug 12274 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

kjoonlee wrote:

Bump. Upstream (librsvg 2.22.2-2 on Debian) renderer seems to work as expected.

Fixed now that we have upgraded to librsvg 2.22.0.