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Track down popular gadgets that refer to files in skins/common/ and fix them not to
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Track down popular gadgets that refer to files in skins/common/ and fix them not to.

Probably the best and simplest way is to upload offending files to Commons and update the URLs to point there.

Version: wmf-deployment
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Created attachment 16223
mwgrep Arr_r, for contribsrange

First one for warmup: contribsrange.

attachment raw[1] ignored as obsolete

I don't like that because it decreases performance for users (by sidestepping RL request concatenation and this requiring more requests to load everything) and makes it impossible to express dependencies on such modules (because the actual loading is doubly-asynchronous). You can work on that if you want, I won't.

Me neither, but it is either doing that or having to fix the same things hundreds of times over and over again (or worse: keeping forks broken forever). I assume that is why this was recommended back in 2011...

(In reply to Bartosz Dziewoński from comment #1)

First one for warmup: contribsrange.

Done, example edit:

From b1dea1d957833d1965999c350a05d365ba56adba:

  • ajax.js: mwgrep points to outdated HotCat versions, but they only have the file name in core comments.
  • wikibits.js: mwgrep points to HotCat for the same reason, and to a bunch of scripts that generate popup windows with <script src="…/wikibits.js"> in them. At a very quick glance, these popups don't even rely on wikibits in any way…

(I'll have the queries redone without the 100 results limit and attach them.)

Created attachment 16350
mwgrep ajax.js


Created attachment 16351
mwgrep wikibits.js


The above stuff seems mostly gone.

Let's look at magnify-clip.png and bullet.gif a bit more and then close this.

magnify-clip.png is used almost exclusively by copies of the Navigation Popups gadget on 50 wikis or so. Conveniently, Popups does this well, using the same HTML structure as core, so this means that nothing will break if we just remove the image file.

I fixed the two other uses found in the MediaWiki namespace across all Wikimedia wikis:

Replaced bullet.gif on a couple dozen wikis today. There are still a few matches, but it seems like they are all false positives or dead code. (In particular, there's a few copies of a gadget that does literally url(bullet.gif), which has never worked in the first place.)

I'm calling this done.