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The mobile site does not display collapsible elements
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Latest Opera for Android on Android 4.4.x/Nexus 4.

Collapsible elements such as the ones generated by {{collapse top}}/{{collapse bottom}} are not displayed at all in the mobile version.

I have seen T55136 and my understanding from the comments there is that those elements should be displayed, but not collapsed, which is perfectly acceptable.

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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

@Strainu: Is there a URL I can reproduce this bug at?

It's a navbox.
Navboxes are hidden on mobile as they are generally cluttered and not mobile friendly.

If you remove the navbox class from that element, it should display fine on mobile. As Jon mentioned, we purposefully don't display navboxes on mobile as they rarely fit properly on a mobile screen.

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@He7d3r: Those elements are incorrectly reporting themselves as navboxes. To fix the problem, just remove the navbox CSS class from whatever template is being used to construct that content (or use a different template).

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Collapsible elements are styled with the class "navbox" since the very beginning:
Go ahead and propose a change in the style of all its forks...