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MediaWiki should not expose any UI elements which require JavaScript when it is off (tracking)
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Author: gryllida

from bug 54730#c3

The general design principle in MediaWiki is to only show functional user interface elements (for example, unprivileged users are not shown a delete tab or a protect tab)

I would like MediaWiki to not expose any features which require JavaScript when it is off.

This means, for instance, not showing visual editor's edit tab, bug 69779 (noting 'requires javascript' where necessary in the beta tab).

I hope to succeed in making this a tracking bug for enforcing the above-quoted design for the "no JS enabled" case.

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: enhancement



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gryllida wrote:

Which is probably stupid (visualeditor already does not show the edit tab when js is off; I misread earlier)

[There are probably quite some open tickets already that could be marked as blocking this one]

It certainly should not expose dead links (e.g. it would be bad if you saw a VE edit link, and clicking it did nothing). We're fixing a similar issue in a non-deployed feature right now, in fact.

My understanding is that with bug 69779, you are requesting that "this feature requires js" is shown especially when JS is disabled. This makes sense, and the current intended behavior (as far as I can tell from reading the code) is that it shows only when JS is disabled. As far as I can tell, it *does* show when JS is disabled. You have not replied there to my latest comment and screenshot.

There is a glitch where it *also* shows when JS is enabled (bug 69823) in some cases.

Note, I don't think this preference behavior is clearly described by "not expose any features". We want to make them aware (could be described as "expose") of JS-only features, but make it clear such feature can not be used without JS.

Tweaking the title and adding a depends accordingly.