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Edit loss when WikiEditor used in forms and wiki has default URL structure
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This is a bit specific, so I don't know how easy it will be to reproduce.
I installed a wiki with both Semantic Forms and WikiEditor enabled.

The main page contains a input box to create a new page using a form and a template:

{{#forminput:form=Recept|button text=Skapa recept|placeholder=Vad heter ditt recept?}}

If I do the following:

  • click to edit the page
  • click on the "Preview" tab in the WikiEditor
  • click publish

Then instead of seeing the edited page, I see a page titled "Add a page through a form", just as if I clicked on the forminput button. And my edits are not saved.

I have found that after enabling short urls the problem disappeared. I'm suspecting semantic for to hijack the POST request from wikieditor request.

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Severity: normal
See Also:
T72057: wikiEditor not loading in a Semantic Form



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I can perhaps help if you can show me a public spot that has the same problems (be it your SMW wiki or someone else's)


Thanks for your answer. I managed to reproduce the issue on a freshly installed mediawiki.

After that, the url is what is expected but the page content is wrong: (Special page) Start of form

I realised yesterday that the url in my previous comment was not properly setup in DNS. This should be fixed now.

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