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new section not added on edit conflict
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Have seen this[1] edit on the german village pump: The summary indicates a new section, but actually the last edit was removed and no new text was added. Possible regression from gerrit 144603, but also possible from other changes, because this was seen short after the update to 1.24wmf17.


Version: 1.24rc
Severity: normal



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(In reply to Umherirrender from comment #0)

Possible regression from Gerrit change #144603

I see that anomie and Aaron are already CC'ed...

Wondering how often this problem happens.

The situation of getting an edit conflict when adding a new section is very hard to test, since it generally cannot conflict. But if it does, the user will be given the usual full-page edit screen with the current page text in the top box, the diff between the top and bottom text boxes, and additional text box with the submitted content (in this case, the new section merged into the article).

My best guess as to what happened here was that it did hit the rare case where a conflict can occur on a new section edit, and then additionally hit bug 42163 giving a top box with the content of the older revision, and then the user just clicked "save" again on the conflict screen without altering the text in the top textbox.

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