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Improve nowiki additions to only wrap the string that needs protection
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Sometimes you want a single quotation mark next to an italicized (or bolded) word.
It would be nice if VisualEditor/Parsoid did something elegant with the wikitext, like "celui d'<nowiki/>''Homo sapiens''" instead of wrapping half a sentence inside nowiki tags to deal with a single character.

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If in a long string, only a single small piece of it needs nowiki-ing, that single string can be wrapped. In general, this requires knowing that nothing else in the long string needs a nowiki wrapper, but heuristics could work for common scenarios. This seems to be a problem that affects frwiki especially.

ssastry added a subscriber: NicoV.

nowiki addition for quotes has improved since this ticket was created. We should investigate what needs fixing here. But, one recent diff that could be investigated (as reported by @NicoV) is

Change 193842 had a related patch set uploaded (by Marcoil):
WIP: T71950: Output <nowiki> closer to actual reason

Change 193842 merged by jenkins-bot:
T71950: Output <nowiki> closer to quotes