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Category view shows no articles in the mobile app
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When accessing this page in the mobile app, the page only shows the category description but no articles:

According to Yuvipanda on IRC, this issue repeats with action=mobileview

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Severity: normal

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See also: T24660: Display the categories on the mobile site for everyone



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This is because of CategoryTree extension (most probably) not doing much on mobile, as seen from the HTML structure in:

So unsure if the problem is in MobileFrontend or CategoryTree.

bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

Eh, how is CategoryTree related to this? IMO, the app should just use the API to get category listings the same way it does not rely on mobileview for search, etc.

Moving this to the app since in my opinion the problem being reported by the user here is actually "Categories aren't working as I expect in the app".

Right now, categories are only surfaced to the user if they go out of their way to search for them. It's not really our priority to sort categories out right now.

The main problem I noticed, though, is that when I click a link to Wikipedia on my mobile device, the app is automatically loaded (or is suggested)

This makes the current issue a little more problematic, in my view. Short of forcing your phone to not load the app on specifically category pages (and users will likely not know or remember to do that selectively) it's almost impossible to view categories on the phone.

Is there a way to block the app for the moment on category pages? iirc it works with recognizing all wikipedia links, but maybe there's a way to disable that selectively until this issue is resolved?

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Merged in another task about categories; the tasks were subtly different, but can both be tracked here.

just to emphasize that with the merger of task T87878 here, this feature request applies to both mobile website and app.

Would you mind elaborating why this is low priority? I looked at Trello but couldn't find any rationale. In the desktop, categories are a first-class navigational feature. Thanks.

As an editor active in a local chapter, I don't understand why this is low priority either. Serious research requires metadata that enables browsing, not just random Amazon-style suggestions. See my experience described at:

All this buzz about "use mobile" and "the next billion users", only to discover the mobile interface is more of a toy than a tool? How did this happen? Is this some sort of insurmountable technical challenge?