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a "full" Echo flyout is too tall, has no space at bottom
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note bottom of flyout

When you have a lot of notifications, the Echo flyout extends all the way to the bottom of the browser window. See attachment.

  • The flyout looks unbalanced with space at the top and no space at the bottom.
  • You don't see its bottom shadow so it looks clipped as if there might be more content after "All notifications | Preferences".
  • The URL display in Chrome and Firefox overlaps the bottom of the flyout.

If there's room, the flyout should have space below it. I think half the height of the "All notifications | Preferences" row.555

Version: master
Severity: normal


Echo_flyout_no_bottom_space.png (504×819 px, 132 KB)



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I want to solve this issue Can anyone say me how to proceed(i.e how could it be modified) ?

Hi @Rammanojpotla! Thanks a lot for your interest! Please see Feedback, questions and support and feel free to rephrase your question. Thanks!

I cannot reproduce that problem in Firefox 51 anymore.
Can anyone else? If yes, screenshot welcome (if no confidential data is included in that screenshot).

@Aklapper I am not able to reproduce the issue in my local host but I have seen max-height element in css code in my by running inspector in my local page but I could not find the element max-height in entire Echo extension(when I searched it in through atom) I found it in my inspector because according to my knowledge js code written might produce it while it is running if it is the case then I think there is no issue of it because it displays a max-height of 522px in inspector, Am I right?

@Aklapper I am unable to reproduce this issue currently, when I use Firefox 60.

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Closed as cannot reproduce issue and bug is quite old. Please re-open if this is still occurring.