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Flow: anon users see weeks-old Flow board state on Beta labs
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I went to in a new anonymous session (incognito in Chrome, private window in Firefox).

The Flow board defaulted to Newest topics sort, but according to it themost recent topic was two weeks ago, starting with

Hidden Topic0.11943746546696965 browsertest edit
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Active 2 weeks ago

There have been literally hundreds of newer topics since then. It's good to see caching working, but ... :)
I'm not sure if this happens in production, if so then this is high priority.

To ease debugging, could Flow put something like

/* content from BagOStuff cache timestamp=Xxx */

in its output when it shows cached content?

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On enwiki's , incognito users were seeing the same board as logged in, starting with "Example discussion title", active 2 days ago (but created 2 weeks ago). I created a new topic "Test caching with new post", and anon users in Chromium/Firefox (in incognitor window or with a new profile) still aren't seeing it 8 minutes later. If I log in as any user or if I append ?uselang=fr I see the new topic.

ErikB says the new topic "should invalidate the cache". So I'm raising the priority.

This might be related to bug 69931.

Change 156454 had a related patch set uploaded by EBernhardson:
Invalidate title for Workflow owner page

Change 156454 merged by jenkins-bot:
Invalidate title for Workflow owner page

Works on beta.

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