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Clean up list of default interwikis
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The list of default interwikis needs serious cleanup. It contains a ridiculous number of links, many of which will almost never be relevant to nor useful on new mw installations, and even some that don't even go anywhere anymore because the target sites no longer exist.

The list needs love and cleanup and updating.

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Where is that list located in the codebase (if a contributor wanted to pick this up)?


It should be synced with [[m:Interwiki map]], with WMF-specific links removed. There was a discussion on wikitech-l about this a while ago.

Also, interwiki.sql should be removed. It isn't compatible with all database engines (hence why interwiki.list was created).

(In reply to Isarra from comment #0)

even some that don't even go
anywhere anymore because the target sites no longer exist.

These should all have been removed, but most MediaWiki installations will still have them, as the list is not touched upon upgrade.

That's another issue here: how to give upgrading MW installations the benefit of additions and updates to the list, while avoiding conflicts with locally defined/customised interwikis.

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IIUC, the current default list is here:
I've gone through those, checking which sites which still exist, and either fixing updated-paths, or removing if broken.
Updated list: P34901
Change-annotations: P34902

Could someone more technically adept than me, please gerritize this change? (Assuming that's a helpful & correct next step?!) Thanks!

Change 834686 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zabe; author: Zabe):

[mediawiki/core@master] Update list of deafult interwiki links

It would be especially nice to get rid of the ones which take up potentially useful namespace names (like acronym, dictionary, rfc and wiki).
metawiki and metawikimedia pointing to different places is also pretty confusing, and the original MetaWiki is long defunct.

IMO there are lots of projects in the interwiki table which might have been relevant in the golden age of the wikis / web 2.0 but nowadays the chance of an average MediaWiki administrator would want to use them is slim:
advogato c2find drumcorpswiki dwjwiki elibre emacswiki foldoc foxwiki freebsdman gentoo-wiki hammondwiki hrwiki kmwiki linuxwiki lojban lqwiki meatball memoryalpha metawiki mozillawiki openwiki pythoninfo s23wiki seattlewireless senseislibrary shoutwiki squeak tmbw tmnet theopedia twiki uncyclopedia unreal usemod wiki wikif1 wikinfo

Removing those would leave:

  • wikis that are widely known and used: commons mediawikiwiki mw wikia wikidata wikihow wikimedia wikipedia
  • our own wiki projects which aren't really widely known but I suppose that much favoritism is OK: wikibooks wikinews wikiquote wikisource wikispecies wikiversity wikivoyage wikt wiktionary
  • some URLs commonly used for giving references: arxiv doi imdb oeis pmid rfc (I guess oeis and rfc are a bit borderline)
  • some widely used search / lookup tools: acronym dictionary google
  • cache and googlegroups which might or might not be relevant these days (it would probably make sense to replace or complement cache with a Wayback Machine interwiki)

A quick scan of the Wikimedia interwiki map for things that look generally useful:

  • bibcode (journal article ID system)
  • etherpad (Wikimedia's etherpad; not sure if we want to promote the use if it for non-Wikimedia projects?)
  • googledefine (define: Google search)
  • gutenberg (maybe?)
  • iarchive (maybe? Internet Archive, but not the Wayback Machine; not quite sure how useful it is)
  • issn (links to Worldcat)
  • jstor (another mainstream journal ID)
  • mwod (maybe? Merriam-Webster word lookup)
  • nara (? I think this is also a source ID system)
  • openlibrary (maybe? I think this is somewhat mainstream)
  • phab and/or phabricator
  • scholar (maybe? Google Scholar search; not sure how useful search engine interwikis are in general)
  • translatewiki
  • tvtropes (maybe?)
  • urbandict (maybe?)
  • viaf
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Removals proposed in duplicate T337358, reposted without comment:

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From duplicate T363517:

Not on Meta interwiki map:

"wiki" (pointing to WikiWikiWeb?)

Recently removed from Meta map:


Pending removal from Meta map:


Updated on Meta a while ago:


Update requests pending on Meta:

dictionary (potentially controversial)

Working on this for now to fix most of the above. Probably won't call this resolved when I'm done, though, since it's kind of a grab-bag of many people's ideas.

Change #834686 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/core@master] Update list of default interwiki links

Change #1026962 had a related patch set uploaded (by Pppery; author: Pppery):

[mediawiki/core@master] Propogate changes to Meta map to interwiki.list

Cross-linking to T146852, although that task was filed by a WMF-banned user evading their ban.

Change #1026962 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/core@master] Propagate changes to Meta map to interwiki.list

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Done everything I intend to do here. Leaving open in case anyone else wants to drive this effort forward.