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MediaWiki 2.0 (tracking)
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This is a tracking bug for implementing MediaWiki 2.0.



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congratulations! The 70000th bug!

541329866 wrote:

congratulations! The 70000th bug!

Now on Phabricator it's T72000

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This task does not track any specific requests, just some version number change without criteria. Some random (wishlist) items are listed on but that's all.

Not being aware of any plans for a 2.0 or anyone driving such plans I propose to close this task as declined. Specific problems, wishes, expectations should be expressed in dedicated tasks, unrelated to how to call a release that might include related changes.

We could take it over for that purpose. I've got a list of things for this, some of which already have tasks (but many don't).

No - we could have specific (realistic?) milestone projects for that, if anyone was thinking of a 2.0.

Aklapper closed this task as Declined.Nov 18 2016, 12:24 PM

Declining this task as nothing is being tracked here.
Could in theory be reopened once anybody plans (plan != vague idea) to create a 2.0 release.