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Apply enum changes to (img|oi|fa)_major_mime on production
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With the merger of gerrit change 135756 (9665a657b005f3a5b882efff3dd5faeba73297d2 ), the change to the ENUM on (img|oi|fa)_major_mime field of the image, oldimage, and filearchive tables needs to be applied to production.

Not exactly a rush since nothing in core uses it, it is solely for the mol_handler extension (awaiting review at T66548), which is not yet on production.

Relevant patch files are:


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mol_handler extension

Is there a ticket about this?

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mol_handler extension

Is there a ticket about this?

Did I get the question right while attempting it to answer editing the task description? Were you asking for a deploy molhandler ticket?

Yep, I think that's what I was looking for, thanks.

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Not exactly a rush

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@Rillke is this still needed for the mol_handler extension? Is that extension enabled or will it be enabled at some point?

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@Marostegui Community interest in this extension does not appear to be overwhelming and yesterday T66548 was declined. The extension can't be deployed, at any time.