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Make minerva a presentable desktop skin (tracking)
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It would be good to make Minerva be available on desktop either via a BetaFeature or a user preference.

For conciseness here's a few issues with the desktop Minerva skin:

  1. section toggling doesn't get enabled

1b) as result there is no concept of a lead section, so 'this page has issues' captures every
issue in the page (there may be repeats)

  1. You cannot edit anything other than the lead section (linked to above)
  2. Special:Watchlist renders as normal desktop version - not sure what the correct behaviour here should be

  1. Special:History unavailable - waiting on one landing in core

  1. Ugly preferences page rather than Special:MobileOptions (see

  • however this will render more nicely with the MediaWiki UI patch


  1. No uploads link in left menu (but that's soon disappearing from mobile too)
  2. Talk page link renders but takes you to the standard talk page (non-issue?)
  3. The footer is different (probably not an issue (?)
  4. Common.css / targets set to mobile currently - many Gadgets are incompatible with the Minerva skin


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Severity: normal



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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

This should be made into a proper tracking bug with blocking bugs rather than listing all the blockers in the description. Some of the issues listed may already have bugs filed. If they don't new bugs should be created for them.

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Agreed. Go for it :)
This also needs a major update.
Maybe consider creating a new task and replacing this one.

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