Forward according to user's preferred language on Special:GoToLinkedPage
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A suggested improvement to Special:GoToLinkedPage is to add an option to automatically link to the user's preferred language (Accept-Language header?). This method when the wiki sitelink group (without language code) is passed as argument. Example:

If no language was detected or there were no language links present in the item for the detected language, the fallback behavior should be to forward to the corresponding sitelink section of the item page.

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It should not link to the sitelink section but just to the item in general.

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My usecase is that I'd like to give people a language-neutral link instead of just linking to en.wp.

I propose making the URL routing for the special page like:

  • Special:GoToLinkedPage/enwiki/Q42: current, when you know the site
  • Special:GoToLinkedPage/Q42 : auto-detect language, if there are multiple sites with that language code (e.g. en.wp, en.voy), go to the item
  • Special:GoToLinkedPage/Q42?project=wikipedia: auto-detect language, but only look at sites in that project group.

In all cases we'd apply the normal MW language fallback chain. If we still can't find a matching sitelink, go to the item.