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Update to MathJax 2.5.1
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Author: physik

A new MathJax Version is available. We should consider to update at some point in time.

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physik wrote:

I think it would be good to fix a few bugs within MathJax before updating to the new version.

physik wrote:

*** Bug 63882 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

physik wrote:

*** Bug 64809 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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Are there any blockers for this? Is this very complicated?

See also T99369. We use the latest MathJax version in the Mathoid renderer on server side. However, due to conflicts with two different resource loaders for mediawiki and mathjax it does not seem reasonable to update mathjax. Furthermore there are browser plugins that do a better job and don't even require a wikimedia login.

One bug I really care about is the menu that appears when I right-click the formulas - it has wrong arrows in RTL (T65882). Will this menu stop appearing when it is removed from the client?

Mathoid does not produce specific menus when right clicking a formula. What happens when right clicking a formula depends on the browser.

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MathJax will be removed T99369