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echo notifications not received by user mentioned
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There is a number of messages from users of Russian Wikipedia that Echo's notifications are not always received when the user is mentioned.

Trying to reproduce the problem, I mentioned user "Retired electrician" in my post on village pump (link -

But the user received no notifications - see screenshot of his recent notifications here we have my message to his talk page the day after post on village pump was made.

All required settings were present for that user:

Any ideas? The issue is also confirmed by other users.

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I've tried pinging my test account, and getting my test account to ping my staff account, and neither direction worked. Raising severity level accordingly. I will ask the devs.

I tried with a few namespace variations, just in case. None of the tests worked.

I did also test at Enwiki, and everything is still working normally there.)

I've explained the problem at and requested that the admin revert (or adapt) the change that was made, which broke this.

Note: I tracked down the original discussion to [[ru:Википедия:Форум/Архив/Предложения/2014/08#Изменение стандартной подписи]] - but google translate isn't very clear, and I don't have time to investigate further, or determine what else might need to be done. Hope that helps.

Note 2: Two devs are investigation the use of "namespace aliases", in signatures. (Which currently do not work). If anything changes on that, I'll put a note in Tech/News. Closing

I'm marking this as a "duplicate" of bug 71353, to aid in finding the location where the underlying (3 layers deep!) cause is now being examined.
(Philosophers might argue with me as to whether it's an actual 'duplicate', but 'see also' doesn't seem strong enough. :)

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 71353 ***