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[TUX] Create easily reusable message editor component
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Places like Special:Translations, accessing message pages directly and just linking to specific message all need a message editor component that is easy to use.

This blocks cleaning up old editor code as the old popup is still used in the above places.

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Severity: normal
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Acceptance Criteria (from Mingle)
Create a component that can be used in the following places instead of non-TUX message editor

  1. Special:Translations
  2. When editing message on the wiki page directly (action=edit)
  3. In a magic word which creates a link that opens editor for a specified message
Kaganer added a subscriber: Kaganer.EditedSep 29 2015, 12:44 PM

Nike, i use Special:Translations approximately every day. The need to do two extra clicks after each action ('back' and 'refresh') is very very annoying.
I not a developer. I not a interface designer. But if a redesign of the interface where a discussion, show me that. I am willing to help than I can.

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