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Echo notification table indexes don't support the new feature changes
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Author: bsitu


  1. Notification creation timestamps is not part of the composite index for retrieving unread notifications. Ordering by notification_timestamp for unread notification may cause problem
  1. We now add filtering by notification types ( eg. flow vs others ), we may want to denormalize echo_notification by adding event_type and add this field to the indexes that needs the filtering.

Version: master
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I think #1 will be fixed by

CREATE INDEX /*i*/echo_notification_user_base_read_timestamp_timestamp ON /*_*/echo_notification (no
tification_user, notification_bundle_base, notification_read_timestamp, notification_timestamp, noti

#2 is not done, but could be a good idea.

In light of T143964: Paginate notifications by event ID, not timestamp, I think we should not add notification_timestamp to the unread index, but just notification_event.