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centralauth-merge-step1-title double escaping
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On Special:MergeAccount?uselang=it I see "Avvia l'unificazione dei login".



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Can you add some more detail on this task?

Hello everyone, I tried to reproduce the error but no double escaping noticed on Special:MergeAccount?uselang=it. Instead, the message I get is Si prega di effettuare il login per verificare se il processo di unificazione delle proprie utenze è completo. Was it fixed or something?

AFAIK the message the reporter is refering too now reads:

"centralauth-merge-step1-title": "Avvia l'unificazione dei login"

which seems correctly formatted.

However, I'm not sure if this message is currently being displayed. If I go to what I'm presented instead is:

"centralauth-merge-notlogged": "Si prega di <span class=\"plainlinks\">[$1 effettuare il login]</span> per verificare se il processo di unificazione delle proprie utenze è completo."

Both messages are used at

Best regards.

@MarcoAurelio, so the problem seems to be fixed already? And if so, should this be resolved?

@D3r1ck01 Hello. If @Nemo_bis cannot reproduce the issue anymore I'd close the ticket, yes. I'd like to hear from him because I may have missed to look at something. This is why it's tagged as TestMe as well. Regards.

Hey @D3r1ck01 and @MarcoAurelio, I think this ticket can be closed, otherwise it may be misleading. What do you think?

Resolved at some indeterminate point in the past.