category sort blank next/previous 200 broken for more than 200 items
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Author: William.Allen.Simpson

I've also reported at

When there are a large number of items in category sort blank
(category with pipe blank "[[...| ]]"), the next 200 do not appear.

Likewise, jumping to 0-9 and then trying previous 200, they do not
page back to the beginning. So the problem is both directions.

In [[:Category:Redirects with possibilities]], you can see the
problem. It's existed this way for several months, so please
don't fix this until the developers can look at it!

Yes, I know the problem is a bad category in [[Template:R to decade]].
But again, it's been that way for months, so leave it alone for
testing purposes.

I've already fixed (during the past two weekends) the problem in 4
templates that made this same massive 6,000+ entry bug at
[[Category:Unprintworthy redirects]]. That's why I was looking for
more examples, to determine whether it was a one time thing.

Anyway, presumably a serious bug in the relatively new code,
as it may only affect the "blank" section of the category. Or at
least that's the only place I've noticed....

I'm not sure whether this is related to [bug 4912], but it didn't
seem to be?

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical

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