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"Original file" seems to be missing at Commons for an image
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When logged in, at [[commons:File:Skyburial.JPG]] (yummy!), the preview image and the links for 800 × 600 pixels, 640 × 480 pixels, 1,024 × 768 pixels, and 1,280 × 960 pixels work fine.

The link "Original file" ( gives:

404 Not Found
The resource could not be found.
File not found: /v1/AUTH_mw/wikipedia-commons-local-public.6b/6/6b/Skyburial.JPG

The link for 320 × 240 pixels ( gives:

Error generating thumbnail
Error creating thumbnail: File missing

For contrast, at [[commons:File:Sur burial mounds.jpg]], all links work fine.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
See Also: T72556, T71311



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aaron added a comment.Sep 4 2014, 9:49 PM

Looks like the file was deleted and restored. I wonder if it's still in the archive (e.g. can be deleted/restored again).

can't find it in the deleted container

root@ms-fe1001:~# swift list wikipedia-commons-local-deleted.6b | grep -i 6bcb70ac391dd09ff012b78fceb7922c

Tgr added a comment.Sep 10 2014, 9:17 AM

Seems like the same issue as bug 70556 (although the files there have not been deleted+restored, and for some of them even the 800px thumbnail is missing).

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